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Adding Images and Videos on Your Blog – A List of Best Practices to Follow

Let’s start off with an example. On one hand, you have a blog which contains large walls of text, text and then some more text. It’s all paragraphs upon paragraphs and blocks upon blocks of black text on a white background, and nothing else. And on the other hand, you have a blog which contains [...]

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Importance of Keywords and Optimizing any Webpage for Search Engines and Conversions

Search engine traffic (or organic traffic) is easily one of the biggest sources of traffic for just about every website on the internet. In order to be able to get this search engine traffic, it is essential for your blog or website to be well-optimized. One of the most important aspects of optimizing webpages for [...]

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How to Do a Giveaway on Your Blog and Drive More Traffic

Bloggers can – and should – use promos or promotional giveaways for a number of different reasons – it leaves a good impression about your blog, it encourages return visitors, it is an absolutely fantastic way to market yourself and spread the word, increase subscribers on your blog, drive traffic in, and it is a [...]

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Conversions and How to Convert Blog Visitors into Subscribers

Having a successful blog involves doing a lot of different things and plenty of different aspects.  Two of the most fundamental aspects involve attracting new visitors, and keeping them on your blog. The first step is to build viewership, and attract new visitors. You can do this through your content, as well as through your [...]

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How to Be an Effective Blogger: Tips for Effective Blogging

1. Write for the reader: Think of your content like a product; if you continue to offer the best product in the market, a product that is built with the aim to satisfy your customer’s wants and needs, you will have the most successful product out there (think of the iPhone here). Similarly, if you [...]

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Easy Ways of Getting More Fans on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is, to put in two words, an amazing resource! It is like a ginormous community of 1 billion people – yes one-seventh of the world’s population is now on Facebook (that 1 on every 7 person on the Earth)! As a blogger, it is very important to have a strong presence on social mediums, [...]

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A List of 5 Essential SEO Tools

As a SEO or internet marketer, it is important to have certain SEO tools at your disposal at all times. These tools and resources will make your life much easier, allow you to automate many of the things that you probably do manually as part of your optimization. This will allow you to save a [...]

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How to Start a Blog that Makes Money

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough that will take you through the process of starting and setting up your own blog, and make some money off it. But before we set off, it is important to go over a few things. Making money from your blog is a good thing, but at no stage should it [...]

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The Advantages of Blogging as a Student

Blogging can be a very fruitful and a rewarding experience for anyone who decides to do it.  However if you’re a student, blogging can be a satisfying experience, and a very beneficial one, for many reasons. Here are some of the many reasons why students should be blogging: 1. Your blog is your online resume [...]

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Tips and Pointers for Optimizing Content for SEO

“Content is King”. A phrase that tends to get used quite often (sometimes, a bit too much) in the industry, but is every bit true! If you want to have any sort of a successful presence on the internet, content really is king! Content is what attracts visitors and traffic to your blog. If you [...]